Stacy (tiger66466) wrote,

Bored ramblings

I've already put in over 6 hours today and am aiming for another 2.5 or so. But I'm soooooooo bored. My job is two parts - making the calls to talk to people about an issue and if they are agreeable I then will draft a letter on their behalf to go to their representative on the issue.

Well, obviously you have to get people on the phone if you are ever going to get any letters to write. I went nearly FOUR straight hours without getting a person willing or available to have a letter done. So obviously I'm not getting far with that. Of my 5.5 hours of calling (non-stop by the way) I've gotten only two letters. Blegh.

It's been a frustrating week. I've been so unmotivated or feeling blegh. And man that seems to bring out the most annoying people. If I do actually speak to someone they are annoying/rude/what have you (though usually I get no answers or voicemails which sometimes is a nice break from the pain in the ass people).

The software we use to make the calls allows us to put in notes. What has been really irritating lately is people who do not read the notes. Or the ones who put in the note of what happened on the call but don't file the record right. Like if someone says they are not interested we set that record a certain way so it doesn't pop up again. But people just file it so it keeps showing up. Or if a number is disconnected - they say it's disconnected but instaed of filing it that way so it doesn't keep coming up - they put it in the call back file. Growl. While this job can be tedious it is NOT difficult - one does not need some killer IQ to do this.

Alrighty - I just managed to get another letter and I've put in the notes and it's now been six hours straight that I've been at it (plus i got in about 45 minutes this morning) so it is time for a much needed break. My butt is very numb.
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