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All about TV

Hi, I'm Stacy and I'm a tv-aholic.

Seriously I freakin' love tv. That may be very sophisticated to admit but I really do. I don't worry about my tv habit too much as I also love to read so I feel I get the balance of being a zombie in front of the tube and using my brain with reading.

While visiting, my stepmom and I were discussing shows, books and movies we were into. She was raving about True Blood and Weeds and some other shows. I don't get any premium channels so unless I've seen it elsewhere or netflixed them I haven't really seen any of the shows that are on HBO or Showtime that are so popular. I did already have True Blood Season 1 netflixed as I have been getting sucked (ha!) into this whole vampire frenzy that's popped up again in popular culture.

I got the first disc of the show yesterday. I watched it last night (which I was a bit annoyed with how they packaged the dvd set - 5 discs for 12 shows. Really? What's with the spreading it out like that?) Other than that minor annoyance I did watch the first two shows (and then went back and watched them again with the commentary. Yeah, I'm a freak and love the commentaries for tv shows and movies). So now I'm hooked on that. (And I am about to start reading the books too - I have reserved the books from the library. It may be a bit of a wait before I get the first one but hopefully it won't take toooooo long. Though oddly enough there seems that none of the libraries in the system have the 3rd book - even though they have all the others - so I'm going to have to find that one after I've read the first two. Hopefuly I can find someone to borrow it from as I'm doing the broke chick thing and not buying stuff like that for now.)

And it may be a bit sad to admit but I'm psyched that all the shows I like are about to start new seasons since it's the start of the fall season!!!

I also just got hooked on a Fox show called "Til Death" with Brad Garrett and Joley Fisher. I've seen Seasons 1 & 2 of that show on dvd but I think there was a Season 3 that has aired but isn't yet available on DVD. But I did see the commercial and sometime in October the new season premiers! Woot!

What else am I looking forward to? Let's see - Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and especially How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory! I believe HIMYM and TBBT are premiering on the 21st! Not too long away now!

And apparently I'm still part teenager because I was happy to watch the premier of season 2 of the new 90210. Although, I have to say it's a bit offputting on how harsh some of the story lines are. It's like woah - how much crap can one person go through? Not sure if I'm going to dig this constant pouring down of shit thing as it's a bummer. We shall see. (On a side note - the chick who plays Adriana - wow, I think she looks so much prettier this seaons. She was always pretty but I guess the way her hair is now she just looks gorgeous. Also the girl who plays silver had a tiny bit role in the first episode of True Blood. I thought it was her but she looked so different. In 90210 she usually looks way too thin but she didn't look overly thin in True Blood. Not by any stretch did she look fat or heavy she just didn't look so boney/scary thin. And her hair was longer and blonde.) Hoping that brain candy show Priviledged comes back too. Oh, and I tivo'd but haven't watched yet the Vampire Diaries or whatever it's called.

And yes, I'm in eager anticipation of when the next Twilight saga movie comes out. November, baby! Squeee!

There are probably some other shows I'll be eager to see but can't think of them at the moment.

This evening, now that I'm pretty much all done with work (though I need to do one minor thing that should take 30 minutes or less and then I'm officially done for the week) my treat to myself is to watch disc one of Season 3 of Dexter.

Oh, and at my stepmom's suggestion I did put Weeds on my netflix queue - but the good news is that they have Seasons 1 & 2 where I can watch instantly. So I may check that out this weekend.
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