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Stacy's Journal

11th October, 2010. 1:40 am. Desperate for computer help

Ok, I don't know what happened but my desktop is fucked up. I apparently got some trojan or something. Now I can not get back into my computer.

Can anyone help me get back in to at least save some documents before having to wipe it? Yes, I'm terrible in not backing some stuff up.

Please help!!!!!

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14th May, 2010. 4:52 pm. Things that are pleasing me currently

Someone at a forum I frequent online proposed a 30 day experiment in which we eliminate complaining, negative thinking and dwelling on what we don't like. I decided to participate.

So in that vein - here's some stuff that is making me grin here lately:

- My new (to me) car - I'm really liking it. Dare I say I like it better than the mustang? Ok, I will. And the mustang had been my dream car. Now don't get me wrong - I did greatly enjoy the Mustang and I get a little nostalgic when I see other Mustangs and I do miss that yellow color (the color was what put the car in solid dream car category) - but there are things I like more about the new car. So all's well that ended well in this case.

- I got free food today. Well, technically I've paid for it - but it was a mystery shop so I will be reimbursed. And man was it the gooeyiest of cheddar cheeseburgers. Mmmmmm, cheese. And damn was my server FANTASTIC. It is so nice to get sincerely wonderful service. And since it was a secret shop - he had NO clue that this was being evaluated - just goes to show that he's just that pleasant all the time. I made mention to the manager how great the server was AND I raved about him in my evaluation. I hope this guy gets rewarded from it.

- Feeding off the above - I do enjoy getting to rave about good service. It doesn't seem to be done enough (people have the tendency to vocalize complaints but don't get around to praising the good folks).

- I did another secret/mystery shop after the free food one. I will be reimbursed for CANDY (weeee!) that I had to buy and getting some cash on top of it.

- Got my refund check from my auto insurance. (I had to switch my homeowners and to get the good rate they offered I had to switch my auto as well. Which was fine as I got the exact same coverage for almost the same price. Since I'd paid the 6 months in full with my previous carrier I was due a refund. And it came quick!)

- I am getting The State dvds via netflix. I admit I will copy them. Well, the first one wasn't working that way. I watched it and turned out there was some flaw and it would get hung up at one point. I reported it as not playing right and got another dvd. I got that today and it copied beautifully! So woot - I will have The State on dvd soon! (4 more discs to go!)

- I freakin' love the site stfu, parents. Yesterday - someone nominated one of my comments for the Pimp Chalice! I am uber excited and honored. (The site gets tons of comments and the blog owner gives an "award" to the best comment of the week. The "award" is the Pimp Chalice plus a post about the winner - it's just a picture of this pimped out cup but damn I'm excited to have been nominated. Oh - and someone has seconded the first nomination.)

- Saw a preview for the upcoming season of True Blood. I am mucho excited.

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10th May, 2010. 7:27 pm. Dog on a trampoline

Getting my giggle on at youtube and saw this video. Goofy dog. Love it!

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21st December, 2009. 8:52 pm. Hope no one suffers from....

Present Face...this holiday season.

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17th September, 2009. 6:59 pm. Bored ramblings

I've already put in over 6 hours today and am aiming for another 2.5 or so. But I'm soooooooo bored. My job is two parts - making the calls to talk to people about an issue and if they are agreeable I then will draft a letter on their behalf to go to their representative on the issue.

Well, obviously you have to get people on the phone if you are ever going to get any letters to write. I went nearly FOUR straight hours without getting a person willing or available to have a letter done. So obviously I'm not getting far with that. Of my 5.5 hours of calling (non-stop by the way) I've gotten only two letters. Blegh.

It's been a frustrating week. I've been so unmotivated or feeling blegh. And man that seems to bring out the most annoying people. If I do actually speak to someone they are annoying/rude/what have you (though usually I get no answers or voicemails which sometimes is a nice break from the pain in the ass people).

The software we use to make the calls allows us to put in notes. What has been really irritating lately is people who do not read the notes. Or the ones who put in the note of what happened on the call but don't file the record right. Like if someone says they are not interested we set that record a certain way so it doesn't pop up again. But people just file it so it keeps showing up. Or if a number is disconnected - they say it's disconnected but instaed of filing it that way so it doesn't keep coming up - they put it in the call back file. Growl. While this job can be tedious it is NOT difficult - one does not need some killer IQ to do this.

Alrighty - I just managed to get another letter and I've put in the notes and it's now been six hours straight that I've been at it (plus i got in about 45 minutes this morning) so it is time for a much needed break. My butt is very numb.

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11th September, 2009. 7:02 pm. All about TV

Hi, I'm Stacy and I'm a tv-aholic.

Seriously I freakin' love tv. That may be very sophisticated to admit but I really do. I don't worry about my tv habit too much as I also love to read so I feel I get the balance of being a zombie in front of the tube and using my brain with reading.

While visiting, my stepmom and I were discussing shows, books and movies we were into. She was raving about True Blood and Weeds and some other shows. I don't get any premium channels so unless I've seen it elsewhere or netflixed them I haven't really seen any of the shows that are on HBO or Showtime that are so popular. I did already have True Blood Season 1 netflixed as I have been getting sucked (ha!) into this whole vampire frenzy that's popped up again in popular culture.

I got the first disc of the show yesterday. I watched it last night (which I was a bit annoyed with how they packaged the dvd set - 5 discs for 12 shows. Really? What's with the spreading it out like that?) Other than that minor annoyance I did watch the first two shows (and then went back and watched them again with the commentary. Yeah, I'm a freak and love the commentaries for tv shows and movies). So now I'm hooked on that. (And I am about to start reading the books too - I have reserved the books from the library. It may be a bit of a wait before I get the first one but hopefully it won't take toooooo long. Though oddly enough there seems that none of the libraries in the system have the 3rd book - even though they have all the others - so I'm going to have to find that one after I've read the first two. Hopefuly I can find someone to borrow it from as I'm doing the broke chick thing and not buying stuff like that for now.)

And it may be a bit sad to admit but I'm psyched that all the shows I like are about to start new seasons since it's the start of the fall season!!!

I also just got hooked on a Fox show called "Til Death" with Brad Garrett and Joley Fisher. I've seen Seasons 1 & 2 of that show on dvd but I think there was a Season 3 that has aired but isn't yet available on DVD. But I did see the commercial and sometime in October the new season premiers! Woot!

What else am I looking forward to? Let's see - Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and especially How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory! I believe HIMYM and TBBT are premiering on the 21st! Not too long away now!

And apparently I'm still part teenager because I was happy to watch the premier of season 2 of the new 90210. Although, I have to say it's a bit offputting on how harsh some of the story lines are. It's like woah - how much crap can one person go through? Not sure if I'm going to dig this constant pouring down of shit thing as it's a bummer. We shall see. (On a side note - the chick who plays Adriana - wow, I think she looks so much prettier this seaons. She was always pretty but I guess the way her hair is now she just looks gorgeous. Also the girl who plays silver had a tiny bit role in the first episode of True Blood. I thought it was her but she looked so different. In 90210 she usually looks way too thin but she didn't look overly thin in True Blood. Not by any stretch did she look fat or heavy she just didn't look so boney/scary thin. And her hair was longer and blonde.) Hoping that brain candy show Priviledged comes back too. Oh, and I tivo'd but haven't watched yet the Vampire Diaries or whatever it's called.

And yes, I'm in eager anticipation of when the next Twilight saga movie comes out. November, baby! Squeee!

There are probably some other shows I'll be eager to see but can't think of them at the moment.

This evening, now that I'm pretty much all done with work (though I need to do one minor thing that should take 30 minutes or less and then I'm officially done for the week) my treat to myself is to watch disc one of Season 3 of Dexter.

Oh, and at my stepmom's suggestion I did put Weeds on my netflix queue - but the good news is that they have Seasons 1 & 2 where I can watch instantly. So I may check that out this weekend.

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9th June, 2009. 11:41 am. You say it's your birthday

Happy Birthday, tbrents!!!! Hope you have a great one!

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11th November, 2008. 4:24 pm. Snagging a great idea

tk0667 had a great idea - comment with a picture of something that makes you happy! It's cool all the different things that floats a person's boat. It can be anything - person, place, thing, etc.

Ok, I've posted it before and in tk0667's post but I can't resist a piglet one!

This goofy mutt - especially pics with her tongue out!

The Eiffel Tower! Just being in Paris, actually.

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5th November, 2008. 12:08 am. For shits and giggles

No matter how you feel about who just became President - THIS shit is just funny.

Yeah, it's from at least a year ago but it still cracks me up.

Alanis Morissette - My Humps

Priceless. Seriously.

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16th August, 2008. 11:58 pm. I Miss You

That was this years theme for the Elvis Candlelight Vigil. And it's so true.

R.I.P. Elvis.

Wow, 31 years ago today he died.


(More on Elvis week later)

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